Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011 - 2012 Lesson Schedule

Here is the current lesson schedule:

Monday, lessons at home studio
3:00 - Riley C
3:30 - available
4:00 - Owen P
4:30 - Joseph G
5:00 - Joseph G
5:30 - Adam M
6:00 available
6:30 available

Tuesday, lessons at home studio
1:15 Ernie H
2:45 Paige T
3:30 available
4:00 Anna H
4:30 Tyler W
5:00 Hunter S
5:30 Blaidd W
6:00 Mara O
6:30 Lisa H

Saturdays, lessons in Timonium UMC
(earlier times available for new students)
1:30 Lucas M
2:00 Liam L
2:30 Syndey M
3:00 Wesley M
3:30 Group Class
4:00 Campbell S


  1. I see the problem. All the professors are older than dirt. They went to high school with a slide rule. They like the way things are. Change requires effort. Since they are tenured effort is no longer required. OK, so that is a bit extreme (after all, we are older than dirt and understand the importance of CS) but I still think Schools of Ed need some fresh meat before we are going to see much change in how K-12 teachers are prepped. Educatological