Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shout out from Baltimore's Child!

Hey Everyone!  My fabulous Thursday MT families told me about this article in Baltimore's Child on  the sing-a-long I do every Wednesday morning at 10:30 at the Red Canoe Cafe and Bookstore.  The Red Canoe is such a great asset to Northeast Baltimore Community, and Nicole and Peter's support of me and my music education programs has been really wonderful.  Wednesday mornings are always great fun, stop in to 4337 Harford road some time for a great cup of coffee, great food, and all your favorite kids tunes!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Parent Education Moment #1

In between songs in our Music Together classes, you'll hear your teacher singing "thank you" or "clean up"....this is not because she thinks she's in an opera :). There are a few reasons the teacher (and parents) should sing even between songs.

First, the particular notes we sing are the first and the fifth scale degree of the song we just finished...those are the most important pitches to establish the key. By singing those pitches we're letting the children hear the "bare bones" of the melody. Each Music Together class (and each song collection) is designed to have songs in many different keys. Young children have the capacity to develop excellent if not perfect pitch if it is developed properly, and providing an easily repeatable tonal pattern is a great first step.

Second, part of the educational philosophy of Music Together, and a key to its success, is to foster a super-rich musical environment that kids can respond to spontaneously. Continuing musical sounds even between the songs in the lesson plan helps create the environment that will allow your children to get the most out of class.

Shout out from Urbanite Magazine!

Hi Everyone! There's a little blurb mentioning me in January issue of Urbanite Magazine in a larger article about our the Red Canoe, our favorite Northeast Baltimore cafe & bookstore as well as the Golden West Cafe, the legendary Hampden eatery owned and operated by an Evergreen Academy family. Check it out!